WP 3 Interoperable Communication


The aim of this work package is to develop data structures and tools to improve voice and data communication between existing Command & Control Centres on the one hand and the additional MICS and mobile units on the other hand. Moreover, improved methods and tools for the integration of existing data from various sources describing geography, infrastructure and damage situation in an affected area will be designed and implemented. The various sources can be established information providers or an ad-hoc integration of sensors coming from a variety of different sources – such as sensors within buildings or embedded into mobile user terminals. A further information source can be interpreted sensor data coming from such terminals which should allow conclusions about the status or activities of an operator. This information is fed into the IDIRA core system and integrated with other information sources. The work in this package will rely on existing standards and methods as far as possible. Extensions and new developments are devised to address shortcomings in the state of the art.