WP 4 Interoperable Information


This WP reflects the process of sharing information between the field operations, the command and control, and the administration layer of the model. The goal is to improve systems and existing interfaces for the exchange of information on the level of reports, requests and the whole operational picture. On this basis, a web based system for interoperable resource and incident management will be developed which allows the dispatching of tasks and units across national and organisational boundaries. The basis for this work will be platforms established by former EU projects or existing systems of the IRDIRA participants. For instance, based on the use of the CAP standard, bringing the interoperability to the next level by the adoption of open standards today not comprised in that platform, specifically targeted at resource management (such as EDXL-RM) and EDXL as Distribution Element. The same system will be made available to run on mobile devices and to offer procedure to inform international response unit leaders ahead of the start of their operations on the situation they can expect, by the mean of a collaborative peered map.