WP 5 Interoperable Response Management


This work package is devised to develop methods and systems which help to significantly improve and co-ordinate operations in multinational disaster response actions. Moreover, simulation and decision support components will be designed and implemented which support scenario analysis and optimal resource planning in the prevention phase. An important part of the work package is a prototypical implementation of a Mobile Integrated Command & Control Structure (MICS) as a functioning system of interoperable components for communication, information and decision support. The tasks in this work package will be based on the process descriptions as well as interoperable data structures, interfaces and software components from WP 2 (Framework Concept), WP 3 (Interoperable Communication) and WP 4 (Interoperable Information). The outcome of this work package consists primarily of implemented and functionally tested and documented software systems, in the case of the MICS also an example configuration of hardware components is part of the results.